Motherhood is the reason not the excuse....

I feel like Satan is gaining a foothold in the hearts of busy women (namely young moms). We as moms are obviously extremely busy in a way that doesn't compare to any other job we ever have in life. We have kids demanding our attention constantly which is draining emotionally and physically. Many of us have jobs to help our family financially. We are involved in church ministries and work hard to take care of our husband's needs.

But more and more, I'm seeing a neglected area of our life -

Bible study

I see moms  (myself included) using our motherhood as an excuse to not study God's Word.
I completely understand that you might not have time to sit down in a quiet room with a cup of coffee (especially one that's still hot) and spend an hour studying passages in an exegetical manner.

We forget how blessed we are in this age of technology though. There are podcasts and videos constantly circulating the Internet that point our eyes back to Christ and His Word. For instance, one of my favorite Bible teachers has a podcast of her local Bible study group. I love to turn it on while I'm cooking dinner. Sure, my notes have grease splatters all over, but I'm able to fill my mind with Scripture while doing daily tasks. We may have had more of an excuse if we lived back in the pioneer days and had to churn butter, mend socks, and grind flour all while looking forward to our one church service in town on Sunday.

The farther I get into this thing called motherhood (and life in general), I'm realizing that Bible study isn't just a good idea that will make me feel better about my day. Instead, when I miss it, it leaves me spiritually weak and vulnerable to depression and self-sufficiency!

I want this generation of women to be Scripture warriors. How are we supposed to train the next generation with weak, watered-down understanding of God's Word?
Motherhood is the reason, not the excuse to deepen our knowledge and love for the Bible and ultimately the heart of God.

A group of ladies from my church are studying the book, Women of the Word, by Jen Wilkin. If you need help, direction, or focus for your Bible study, I highly recommend reading this book. I love her passion for Bible literacy in this generation.