I do's, birthday fun, and new ventures......

How 's your summer been going so far? I just love sleeping in just a little bit later and going on family walks at 8:00 at night! As usual, we've had no problem keeping ourselves busy. Here's what we've been up to....
At the end of June we flew to Dallas, TX for Adam's brother's wedding. There are 6 boys in his family. Four are now married - only two to go! 
The wedding was at a venue called the Cotton Mill and it was just absolutely stunning!! All of the kiddos were in the wedding and the boys just loved wearing their brand new cowboy boots for the day! 

Isn't this door amazing? 

The bride and groom! 

It's hard to believe but our little Miss Sunshine turned 1 this weekend! We had some of our friends over for a fun summer party!
She kept squealing in excitement at her gifts and adored the attention from her friends!  Her cake was no match for her either!

One of our biggest prayers as parents is for guidance with our children's education. The last two years, our oldest has really enjoyed going to our local public school. He's made several friends and has developed a love for reading. When Adam started his new position at church though we started to find more and more conflicts with the school calendar and his wacky ministry schedule. We were enjoying our family day off while he was in school and as soon as he would get home, Adam would head off to his evening meetings.
We're hoping that a more flexible schedule will be one of the benefits of our decision to begin homeschooling this Fall! Yikes! It makes me nervous to type that!
I am super excited to have the opportunity to spend time discipling the kids on a daily basis using God’s story of redemption as the basis for our academic learning and to allow flexibility in our schedule to expand their horizons with music, outreach, travel, etc....
I'm praying this new venture will point my eyes to Christ and drive me even more to His Word!

What about you? How's your summer going? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!