Baby spoons and the Church....

There is really nothing extra special about these spoons, but every time my little girl slobbers her pureed peas all over them, I'll be thinking about the Church!

You see, this past Sunday one of the sweet ladies in our church asked me if I needed them.  She had them at her house and wasn't using them anymore. What she didn't know was that we can find only one baby spoon in our house right now. I have no idea where the others have disappeared to, but we have to wash the same one multiple times a day in between meals. It's really not the end of the world to have one spoon and it certainly wasn't something I'd take time to pray about, but it is a little frustrating to dig through the dirty dishes in the sink to find it every time we sit down to eat.
Without her realizing it, God used her to meet a need in my life that morning. We now have enough spoons for each meal with one left over for breakfast the next day!

The beauty of the Church is that meeting physical needs isn't its only function. God designed this unique assembly to encourage and exhort one another spiritually.

We need one another.

There are distractions draining our time and energy constantly. We struggle with work demands, sick kids, and broken relationships. Christ's work on the cross is the answer for the hardships we face daily, but we often need help seeing and applying those gospel truths. That's why being plugged in to a local church family is so incredibly important!
It's not about filling a pew or earning brownie points with God for attending a service. It's about being a part of the very God-designed system that will aid in our growth. We gather to remind one another that we are the redeemed people of God and desperately need His grace every single hour.

I believe that being a part of a gospel-centered church isn't just a good idea. It's a necessity for spiritual growth. 

Instead of baby spoons, a fellow believer may offer you the gift of prayer. The message from your pastor may deepen your understanding of God's Word. You may even have the opportunity to share someone else's burden and offer them the hope of the gospel.

The Church is Christ's project and He promises that He will never give up on Her. How has He been using your local Church body to remind you of the gospel lately?

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