Hey, friends!!! I hope your 2015 has gotten off to a fantastic start so far! Ours has been a little crazy (hence the lack of posting here). My poor husband has been struggling with some health issues which has landed us in the ER a couple times along with multiple doctors visits and tests. We're still getting to the bottom of the issue, but thankfully none of his symptoms are life threatening at this point!

Personally, I didn't make many specific resolutions for this year. Like most, I want to make healthier food choices, lose those pesky pregnancy pounds, and continue to grow in my walk with the Lord. At the end of December, though, one area of improvement really jumped out at me - my reading.

I actually have always loved to read, but I have struggled to make it a priority in the last few years for two reasons:

1. Kids! Need I say more??

2. The Internet. My inbox, blog reader, and Facebook feed are constantly packed full with articles to read. In one sitting, I can fill my mind with the best deals at Target, some devotional thoughts from the Psalms, satire on the SAHM, and 10 healthy crockpot meals! I read a lot, but not much sinks into my mind and my heart.

It's not surprising then that with all that miscellaneous information, my mind becomes discombobulated and distracted. That confusion actually then spills over into the other parts of my day!

In fact, in the last week, I've come across several articles on the importance of reading like this blog and this video!

I don't plan on giving up reading different blogs. After all, that's one of my favorite hobbies! BUT, I am striving to read more entire books this year! I'm excited to get to know those authors more deeply through their writing and make more focused strides in my spiritual and emotional growth.

Here are a few books on my reading list already.....

I'm re-reading this book as a part of a fitness/health group on Facebook! It's so convicting and encouraging at the same time! *

Here are a couple books that are being released later this year that I can't wait to read! *

I just started this book and am so excited about learning more about reading and studying THE BOOK! *

Can you believe I've never read this book? It's on my list too! *

My to-read list is continuing to grow and grow and I'm really excited to check some of these books off! There's still only 24 hours in day, of course, so some other areas (like blogging) may have to take a back seat for a while! 

I can always use more ideas! What are YOU reading in 2015? 

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