Advent Update (and an advent calendar fail)...

So a couple years ago, I made this cute advent garland. One of my friends was in charge of the crafts at a local MOPS group and she had some leftover supplies! The boys just love opening the boxes each day to find some sort of Christmas activity to do together. Last year, I was a few weeks pregnant and had absolutely no energy. My Christmas decorating was very minimal and this garland simply seemed like too much work! 

This year, however, I was determined to make it work! I sat down, made a schedule of events for the 25 days, and filled the boxes with all the activities we'd be doing during the season. When we opened the first one, though, it was the wrong activity. We weren't supposed to eat a special Christmas treat yet! I hadn't even gone to the store to stock up! The next day was mixed up too! Somehow I had gotten off by a day or two when I was filling the boxes and they weren't following my planned schedule at all and I honestly didn't feel like taking the time to rearrange them all! 

Enter this board in my kitchen:

That's right! I told the boys that we were gonna have a change of plans! Instead of opening the boxes each day, they could come read the board in the kitchen each morning to find out the activity for the day! It's been a little bit of a fail, but so much easier for me! It's even given me the chance to change the plans at the last minute without them knowing! Sneaky, I know! 

Here's some of the fun that we've been having! 

Yay for snow on Thanksgiving! 

We had so much fun inviting our church family over for a Christmas Open House! 

This cute little Santa was the doorman for the Open House!

And this handsome guy handed out ornaments to our guest! 

Our yearly trip to Candy Cane Lane - a street where every house is extravagantly decorated with lights! 

We worked hard on a gingerbread house.....

The final result! 

We were able to go to a local nursing home with some friends to sing to the residents! 

The crew (minus the the dads)

Family ornament making day at school complete with cookies and hot chocolate! So fun!

Needless to say, we're still having tons of family fun even in spite of my calendar fail.
What about you? Have your kiddos had fun so far this season? I'd love to hear about it!