Kiddo updates and a job change......

It's been a super long time since I've had a stay-in-my-yoga-pants, no-makeup, sip-two-cups-of-coffee kind of morning! I'm soaking in the quietness and cool autumn breeze and thought I'd pop in for some random updates.....

Little brother is as silly as ever! He'll be three next week and is so excited about his Ninja Turtles party! He constantly keeps us on our toes, but his affectionate and hilarious personality is precious! 

The "little princess" (as her brothers call her) will be 3 months tomorrow! Crazy! She is growing so fast and has such a gentle personality. I just love her baby babbles and snuggles! Oh! AND she sleeps really well at night which is wonderful for the whole family! 

Big brother is loving 1st grade. His reading ability has really exploded this year. It's so fun to watch how excited he gets to figure out new words. It's like a whole new world has opened up for him. 

I took some time off from our worship team after Little Sister arrived in July. I'm finally back at it this month. I didn't realize how much had had really missed it! 

Speaking of church things. After a lot of prayer, we decided that I would step back from my job as secretary at church. I was just swamped with everything ministry-wise, office-wise, and mommy-wise. God provided an awesome replacement for me, and she's doing a great job picking up on all the new things I've been teaching her. I can't tell you how excited I am to spend more time with the kiddos and make our home a refuge for Adam.