36 weeks....an update.....

Whew! It's been a long day!
Somehow, we fit in a grocery shopping trip, elementary talent show, and a few hours of work in the church office before 1:00 nap time.
After working from home most of the afternoon, fighting an ongoing issue with giant ants in the kitchen, whipping up PB&J for dinner (don't worry Adam was enjoying steaks with his guys small group tonight), and making it through bathtime (complete with a poopy accident), I'm finally sitting down to put up my puffy feet.
I started to catch up with some of my blog reading, and then I remembered - I'm 36 weeks today! Add to that the week that I'm usually overdue and we get to meet our little girl in less that 5 weeks! Eeeek!! That deserves a quick update post, right?

I didn't get a belly picture today (and Adam won't be home from his meeting till late to snap one for me), BUT I do have some pictures I haven't shared yet from the amazing shower my friends gave me a couple weeks ago! 

They planned a beautiful Saturday morning brunch complete with DELICIOUS food and gorgeous decorations! See that sweet fruit bouquet? I just loved the lavender theme. It wasn't traditional pink, but it was still SO feminine! 

All of the flowers came from the different yards and gardens of people in our church family! It was so pretty!! 

Not only did my friends put together a beautiful shower, but they overwhelmed me with gifts! I received everything from practical diapers and wipes to girly dresses and bows! I'm so glad I waited to buy anything until after the shower! 

One of my favorite gifts was this coffee filter lampshade my friend Katie made. I've always wanted to make one myself, but have never gotten around to it. 

Doesn't it look perfect in my Beatrix Potter nursery?? 

Honestly, one of the best parts of the morning was spending time with all of my friends! Since we live so far from family, these ladies have become my adopted family! I love them all so much! 

Our oldest has a few more days of school and then I'm excited to spend the last couple weeks before our new little one arrives making memories with my two sweet boys. I'm hoping to write a couple posts (or even vlog a bit) before July 8th, but at the very least, I'll write a quick announcement when she arrives! 
Until then......