New (an update)......

Can you believe it's May?? We're 5 months into 2014 already! I've been noticing a pattern of firsts in our little family lately! 
Here are some things that have been "new" for us in the last month or so......

 Our big guy competed with his fellow AWANA Sparks in his very 1st Sparks-a-rama. 

Adam had the sweet opportunity to share the gospel with all the K-2nd grade competitors before the games began.....

A few of the kiddos ready to go! 

Our team was super young and the whole day was new for many of them, but because of some mistakes from the other teams, we brought home 1st place! Woo Hoo! 

Adam celebrated a new year of life at the end of March. The boys thought it was hilarious to use trick candles for the 1st time! 

One of Adam's birthday gifts was the new P90X3 workout! I love watching my boys learn healthy living by watching their Daddy's example!
I've done some of the DVD's with him so far, but can't wait to do it full-force once this little sweet pea arrives! 

Easter was an absolutely beautiful day here in northern Pennsylvania. It was one of the first warm Easter Sundays we've had in years! 
There's always something special about setting a whole day aside to focus on the new life we have in Christ! 

One of the biggest changes we've experienced as a family in the last couple weeks is Adam's new job! 
Our Sr. Pastor recently retired after 26 years of ministry at our church. After much prayer and discussion, our church family voted to call Adam as their next Sr. Pastor. We felt God's leading to accept that position and start this brand new journey
Would you pray for us? We desire to know God and make Him known in our little community. We desire to more fully grasp the gospel and share that with our church family. 
This new job also brings more stress and emotional demand on our growing family. I struggle with fears that we won't be able to balance it all! I pray that this new season will cause me to lean more into Him and His unending grace and strength! All in all, we're pretty excited about this new chapter! 

Before jumping into the saddle, we took a little weekend getaway down to Lancaster. Our little monkey was super excited about his first ride on the train in Strasburg! 

 Loving the new experience!

Have I ever mentioned that these boys have my heart? 

The new little girl in my belly is healthy and growing bigger every week. I took this picture at the beginning of last week! We're in the home stretch and overall, I've been feeling wonderful still!  I'm enjoying all the kicks and somersaults before she arrives. Won't be long now! 

Well, that's what's been new with us lately! Lots of changes and new experiences! 
How have YOU been? Share with me in the comments!!