I've been thinking and thinking about how to have a fun intro to this post, but I think I may have lost my creativity somewhere between the pumpkin pie and Christmas lights!

I have so many little things that I've been meaning to share here!
*New favorite music/videos for the kids that you need to know about for your family
*My DIY tent for the boys (made with MUCH guidance from my crafty friends!)
*Christmas in general!

I'm also so excited about our church's event, The Christmas Story: A Live Nativity Presentation of the Bible this weekend and getting to meet Tricia on Wednesday!

I could have posts scheduled for everyday of the week with all that's going on, but alas, I can't get off the couch!
You read that right! Whenever I have spare time lately, I head for the couch and crash. My bedtime has routinely been around the same time as the kiddos! Making dinner or cleaning the bathroom is exhausting!

At least all this sleepiness, hasn't been accompanied by too much in the nausea department!! Have you guessed my diagnosis yet? :)

That's right!! We're so excited that God has blessed us again with another little one! It was a little bit of a surprise (I had just gotten a cancellation letter from my insurance company), but we know that His timing is always perfect.
Please forgive me if posts are sporadic for a while! I'm hoping to have some quiet time during the Christmas holidays to write.
I'm also hoping to document this pregnancy a little more than I have the other two. It's amazing how even the third time everything still feels exciting and new!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying your Christmas season already! I'd love for you to let me know how YOU'RE doing in the comments or on FB!

I'm going to go take a nap now...........