Surprises and Shoeboxes......

Two of my friends, Katie and Wynn are expecting their fourth babies a few weeks apart in December. Another one of our mommy friends, Angela, had the awesome idea to throw a surprise party for both of them. She told each of them that she was planning a surprise for the other and asked them to help. It totally worked!!! I honestly can't believe she pulled it off!! 

Yummy Pumpkin Dip!! 

 The mommies and their gifts! Most of us brought the same gift for both of them so it was fun watching double gift opening! :) 

A little blurry, but I'm glad I remembered to get a picture with my sweet preggo friends!!  

 This past Tuesday, our small group had an Operation Christmas Child box packing party instead of our normal Bible study. 

We had a goal of packing 10 boxes - 5 girls/5boys and it was so great to see all the kids pitching in to pack. It was such an awesome opportunity to teach them about giving to those who don't have nearly as much as we enjoy in the U.S. 

Packing boxes is hard work.......

When we were done, we took some time to pray over the boxes that they would be a blessing to the children who receive them this Christmas. 
Love these friends! 

Afterwards, we enjoyed homemade pizza! Yum!! 
Adam said that this picture was a little "cheesy" haha! 

I snapped this picture because the entire table is full of kids. God has blessed our small group with about 20 children. It's a little overwhelming sometimes, but I don't want to forget these special years with little ones! 

Our church as a whole has collected well over 20 boxes for Operation Christmas Child this year. If you're interested in packing one, there's still plenty of time before they're due. You can find out all the information on packing and dropping off your boxes HERE.

Have you ever packed boxes for OCC before? Been to any baby showers lately? I'd love for you to share in the comments!!