Are you waiting by the pool??

Are you familiar with the story of the pool of Bethesda found in John 5? Many sick and handicapped people waited by this pool each day including a man who had been ill for 38 years! They would wait for an angel to come and stir the water, and then attempt to be the first into the water for healing. This poor man had no way of getting into the pool quickly like others who were helped by their friends.
Then a miracle happened! Jesus came by one day and provided the man with the healing he had been waiting SO LONG for. It didn't come through the moving water like he had always thought, instead it came through a personal visit from Christ himself!
We often act like we are invalids waiting by a healing pool. We see those around us whose lives are being changed in miraculous ways. God provides affordable housing. God grants healing. God brings restoration to relationships.
And we wait.......
We've seen His working in other's lives and we just KNOW that He'll work the same way in ours! If we can just get in the "pool" fast enough or maybe recruit some friends to "help" answer our prayers.
But I have good news!!!
He IS going to work in your life! It may not be what you expect. It may not be the same method as everyone else! But, He will work!
If you're waiting right now or even if you've been waiting for the last 38+ years, know that what He does in your life will special, unique, and unexpected!