You are loved....

After a long day, I finally crashed on the couch, and my little munchkin climbed up next to me and gave me a giant smooch and cuddle!!
It definitely wasn't because I looked beautiful at the moment! In fact, I had just looked in the bathroom mirror and was struck at how horrible I looked. I actually couldn't quite remember if had brushed my teeth OR my hair that morning. I knew for sure that I hadn't applied ANY makeup! My clothing was very unimpressive (sweats and a t-shirt aren't the most flattering things in my wardrobe), and I just looked tired!

None of that mattered to my little guy, though. He wanted to show his love to me in spite of how I currently looked. To his little eyes, his mommy was beautiful simply because she was....mommy!
As I laid in bed that night, I was struck with this principle on a much bigger level....
The Lord knows what I look like on the inside. He knows how ugly my heart can be when it fills with pride and jealousy. He knows when I haven't taken time to fellowship with Him lately, and I can't hide ANY of my shortcomings from Him! But His Word tells me, "I have loved you with an everlasting love".
I don't have to look spiritually beautiful in order for my Heavenly Father to love me. Instead, He loves me simply because I!
And that same God loves YOU simply for who you are!