Sparkly Dinosaur Toes???

This year we bought a new topper for our tree......

In the past we have used one that lights up, and is VERY heavy. Our new one doesn't light up, but it reflects the Christmas lights, and I love how it sparkles. 

Once we got the tree put up, I asked my little munchkin what he thought of the new snowflake on the top of the tree......

His answer....."Look!! Dinosaur Toes!!"

Dinosaur Toes???? That was not the response I was expecting, but I can see where he's coming from! In his limited knowledge, Sparkly Dinosaur Toes made perfect sense!

It reminded me of the knowledge gap between us and our Father. His word says, "Your thoughts are not my thoughts"

We see an unexpected trial, He sees a chance for us to grow! 

We see an unmet need, He sees what we REALLY NEED!

We see a deep loneliness or abandonment, He sees an opportunity for us to know His love in an AMAZING way! 

He sees the "snowflake" while our minds can only comprehend "dinosaur toes"!!