Laying tile....

      During the last few weeks, our church has been in the process of laying down new tile floors in several areas of the the church. I am definitely NOT an expert in this area, but I've come to help a couple times with the grouting step of the project.
     Working with the muddy grout is extremely messy. I definitely came home with a lot of it on my clothes, hands, and face!! It took several washes to make it presentable for our church services on Sunday.
      Our running joke was that our church family would arrive on Sunday, and never know about the work, mess, and sweat that went into the beautiful floor. It was a joke, because there are plenty of loving people in our church who WILL notice and recognize the work that went into the new tile.
     It got me thinking about many of the unrecognized jobs we accomplish every day. It's easy to think that nobody will every notice the folded laundry, sparkling glasses, or clean floors. No one will ever observe the mown lawn, the full gas tank, or the stocked cabinets. No one will even know about the kind note, picked up trash, or the extra tip.
     But, we can't forget that we have a very important Observer who sees each and every one of those good deeds. He is the only audience member that really matters. Remember what Mark 9:41 says ~
"I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward."
     He sees, knows, and rejoices in the every day jobs we do with a desire to glorify Him!