Friday Feedback....

I have really begun to look forward to my blog post on Friday each week!! I LOVE hearing from you, my readers!! It's a fun way to get to know you and occasionally ask advice (like this week!!). I am in the midst of planning a wedding shower for one of my friends from church. While I have put together several baby showers in the last few years, this will be my first wedding shower. We've already come up with a few cute ideas (I can't post them in case the bride-to-be happens to read this!), but I would love to hear more! So - here's this week's Friday Feedback question:

What is one of the best wedding shower ideas/themes that you have used (or seen used)??

Sorry if this week's question leaves out any male readers that I have!! =) Can't wait to hear your ideas! It will be a big help to me!! Thank you and have a great Friday!