My little monkey has started a new tradition in the morning. When either Adam or I get close to opening his door to get him out of bed, he yells, "Dada???, Mama???,Dada??? Dada??? Mama???" When we open his door, he acts incredibly surprised that we have arrived!! Huge smiles and hugs start our day. I was thinking this morning that we often do the exact same thing with the God's working in our lives. We see situations that look impossible, terrible, or frightening. We call out, "Lord, are you there???" We know in our minds that He has to be there. After all, He promises to never leave or forsake us. But, when God finally reveals Himself to us through His working, Word, or even another believer, we are still surprised. We can't believe that He could actually do that in our lives or we never expected His blessing in that situation. What a surprise!! I am so thankful for a Father who not only takes care of me, but does it in exciting ways! =)