The King of It (and a special P.S.)

“Mom, it’s done. All we need now is a flag for the top to show that it’s our fort - that we’re the kings of it!” 

After hours of labor, the project was almost finished. The brothers had collected fallen branches, unused firewood, and baling twine to create this backyard masterpiece. It featured a table made by their best friend’s dad complete with peeling blue crown molding pieces and an entryway perfect for any visitors under ten years old. They thought of everything! A strategically placed hole in the back room would provide relief if they couldn’t get back to the house in time. They had also proudly planted apple seeds saved from their afternoon snack. They will wait patiently for a few years for a limitless supply of food available to their guests.

The siblings still often head to that corner of the yard to add more details to their creation. I’m not entirely sure what they accomplish because it usually ends up in a stick sword fight or a frog catching competition, but the flag flies proudly above the front entrance. It’s not perfect, and it hasn’t survived a Pennsylvania winter yet, but it belongs to the these boys. They created it. They care for it. They love it, and are always working on it. 

His banner over me is love. 

He is the king of my life. All the brokenness, the unfinished edges, the unseen progress belongs to him. I’m often not sure what he is doing. In fact, sometimes I wonder if he has set me aside to work on more beautiful projects.

But his work isn’t purposeless. In spite of my imperfections and slow improvements, he plants his flag over my life stating clearly and boldly, “This life is mine.” His love will continue to chisel and build until one day I will be presented to the Bridegroom with the rest of the church as a bride perfectly adorned for him. The wait will be over. God’s flag will forever wave over all of the earth. It’s his creation and He is the king of it! 


P.S. Many of you who read this already know that my husband and I have been working on a new project that we pray will equip the church to know and love their Bibles more each day. The Know & Love Podcast officially launched this week and we hope to release new episodes each Monday through the end of Season 1. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, or Anchor. You can also contact us through our website, Hope you get a chance to listen in!