Humble Roots {review and giveaway}

In case you were wondering, I do not have a green thumb.

From pumpkins to mums, even the easy, beginner plants seem to wilt at my presence. I watch the master gardeners around me in our rural community cultivating gorgeous blooms and impressive crops of zucchini and tomato. My one attempt at green beans was accidentally weed whacked by my husband. I inadvertently forgot to tell him I was trying to grow something!

Sometimes the struggle to grow spills over into more important areas of my life. Anxiousness chokes out effectiveness in ministry and busyness uproots a flourishing family. The peace I desperately want to harvest seems as elusive as success in my horticultural endeavors.

Every once in awhile I stumble across words that are beautifully written, simply profound, and poignantly honest. The new book, Humble Roots, by Hannah Anderson is full of such writing.

She submits to the reader that our struggles with worry and stress are byproducts of a heart rooted in pride. We believe the subtle lie that we can produce humility on our own by intentionally squelching the lies of our ego.  She takes us on a journey through personal stories, historical accounts, and introductions to a variety of plants and herbs as she gently points the reader to a life-altering truth. Maybe our hectic lives don't need better planning, harder work, or more self-made remedies. Instead, the fruit of peace and rest naturally grow from humble roots pressing down into Christ.

As I read through the chapters, I underlined dozens of phrases and quotes that brought both conviction and comfort to my soul. Over and over, Hannah returns to this idea,

"Humility, then, is not simply a disposition or set of phrases. Humility is accurately understanding ourselves and our place in the world. Humility is knowing where we came from and who our people are. Humility is understanding that without God we are nothing. Without His care, without His provision, without His love, we would still be dust."

Humble Roots offers so much wisdom and I know I will return to its pages over and over again.