First Breath...

As a part of our Christmas celebrations, we sat down this past weekend to watch the Nativity Story as a family.The kids were really intrigued by the movie. They were so excited for the part where baby Jesus would be born.
While we were watching, we were discussing the fact that babies don't breathe air until they come out of their mommy's tummy. Then they usually start crying.
Finally, Mary and Joseph arrived at the cave where she would deliver Jesus. My little guy watched in anticipation until the baby was born.
With a sense of amazement and excitement, he blurted, "Jesus just took his first breath!"
He didn't realize it, but his comment was super profound!
The same mighty One who created the Earth and filled Adam's lungs with breath was now willingly inhaling his first breath as a tiny baby.

The sovereign King of the universe laid aside His glory and put on our broken flesh to complete for us what we could never accomplish ourselves.
That, my friends, is a beautifully deep concept that I hope to continue meditating on throughout this Season.
Praise God, for the manger, because without it, we would never have the triumph of the cross!

*This is a repost from my old blog, A Steady Rain! I needed this reminder for myself during this busy season! I hope it encourages you!