As a pastor's family we so appreciate the times when someone uses their resources or possessions to bless us! An acquaintance (now a friend) who owns a lodge and cabins about an hour away offered for us to come stay for FREE as a little getaway before the school year began! 
There was no cell service or internet which was actually pretty amazing! We needed that uninterrupted, focused time to regroup as a family! 

This was our cabin! It was SO cute inside! 

The boys had fun playing baseball in the woods next to our cabin. 

The weather was just gorgeous the whole time! 

The creek was FREEZING but the that didn't stop the boys from having tons of fun!  

We even went fishing and both of the boys caught something! 

We came back refreshed and relaxed (as much as we could be with three busy kiddos) and ready to jump into the end of summer activities at church.
We also officially started homeschooling this past week! I'm sure some updates and pictures will make their way to the blog and Instagram from time to time!

How has the end of YOUR summer been?