When Easter Sunday feels like every other day.....

I'll spare you the details but our Easter Sunday morning was not the peaceful, serene, and reflective morning you might expect from your pastor's family. The day started with tempers, disobedience, throw up, and the list could go on… I'm really hoping I'm not alone in this but I'm guessing that there were disappointments and failures not only in the morning but all throughout your Easter Sunday. 

We all desire perfection and beauty. We somehow hope that because the date on the calendar says it's a special day that the people and events of the day will follow suit. But Scripture tells us otherwise. Our lives, our world, our souls are hopelessly broken. Even our Easter Sunday mornings are tainted with the ugliness of sin. 

I enjoyed our Easter Sunday morning service so much this year. It wasn't because there was some major change in the service itself. There definitely wasn't gorgeous weather (it snowed super hard all morning). It wasn't even because the kids were amazingly well behaved (they weren't). It was because I had been confronted head-on with the desperation of my own soul that morning. 

I gravely need the resurrection. I need the hope that is offered me through Christ not because I have any potential in myself to succeed, but because Christ turned the cross from a symbol of guilt to one of unwavering love. 

Easter IS like every other day of our existence because we live in the confidence that death has been defeated on our behalf. Our biggest failures and shortcomings point to the One who crushed the serpent's head at the cross!

He is risen, indeed!!