What in the world is the "everyday gospel" anyway?

A while back, I changed the tagline of my blog to "learning to live the everyday gospel". While that phrase makes total sense to me, it hit me the other day that I have never actually shared the change in my perspective that led to that new focus here on my website.

I am extremely blessed to have grown up in a home where the Bible was a priority. From as early as I can remember, my parents taught me about my sin problem and the Savior who came to rescue me from the punishment from that sin. When I was only 5 years old, I asked God to forgive me and cleanse my sinful heart so I could live forever with Him. I put all my childhood faith and dependence in the work of Jesus on my behalf.

And then I got older.........

Don't get me wrong. I still loved Jesus and wanted to serve Him with my life. I didn't lose my salvation, but I started to lean on my own strength instead of His to live this Christian life. If I failed, I needed to try harder next time to not be such a disappointment to God. If I succeeded, I thought I had somehow made God proud of me. I compared myself to other Christians based on my own set of standards instead of immeasurable standards of Scripture. I was doing this Christian walk all on my own!

That way of living is virtually unsustainable. We burn out from sheer spiritual exhaustion or depression from never being enough! We can never live in true community with other believers because to share a sin or shortcoming would look weak in their eyes. We minister out of duty not delight. We essentially cheapen the gift that Christ gave us through His death and resurrection.

Enter: the gospel!

A few years ago, God started opening my eyes to the fact that the gospel - "good news" - isn't just a ticket to everlasting life in heaven. In the same way that I am helpless to earn salvation, I am helpless in my sanctification. There is nothing that I will ever do that will make God love me any more or less. In His eyes, through Christ's sacrifice, I am complete, whole, PERFECT!

This plays out on a daily basis when I am confronted with my constant failures and gross sin. Parenthood and marriage have pointed out areas of my life that aren't even close to "measuring up". It is in those moments of weakness, brokenness, and failure that I am learning to preach the gospel to myself. Yes, I am a wicked sinner, but Christ has already lived a perfect life for me. I can serve and give out of a heart that is overwhelmed with His goodness and grace. I can confess my shortcomings while knowing that my identity is secure in Christ.

Friends, the gospel has turned my life upside down! I have a true joy and desire to dig deeper into the treasure of God's grace and redemptive work in my life! I hope that your eyes are pointed to Christ and what He's done for YOU as you continue to read my little blog!

Would you like to share? I'd love to hear how the gospel has transformed your life! Share in the comments below!