She's Here!

Our little princess is finally here! Her big brother is currently holding her, so I thought I'd catch a couple minutes to recap her arrival!! 

After some delays at the Labor & Delivery unit, we finally were able to head out on our hour drive to the hospital late morning last Wednesday for my inducement. I was excited the whole pregnancy to be able to deliver in the brand new wing! It's so pretty! 

We waited some more, but finally got things started around 12:30 pm! Here I am all ready to go! 

Just like all of my other labors, it was SUPER long! I was contracting all evening, but progressing really slow. At about 1 or 2 am things started really picking up and I was ready to deliver by 4. Honestly, the whole 17 hours was kinda a blur, but I do know that she arrived at 5:06 am! This is our midwife, Patty. She has delivered all three of our babies and I just love her! She delivered a couple other babies and assisted in a C-section all while I was laboring! She's an amazing woman! 

Our "little" princess was 9 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long! She beat her biggest brother by over a 1/2 a pound! 

I was also super surprised that she has tons of dark hair! Both of the boys had really light hair when they were born. 

Speaking of her big brothers - they fell in love with her right away! 

She slept the whole way on her first car ride home! 

So far she's fitting into our crazy family just perfectly! (Somehow she can sleep even with some loud brothers!) 

You won't see much posting going on here for a while! I'll be busy cuddling with Sleeping Beauty.........