When simpler is better.....

Last week, Adam was able to go on a field trip with our oldest and his class to ReptileLand, a reptile and amphibian zoo. 

Unfortunately, because of the school rules, our little monkey wasn't able to go along which meant that he and I would have to stay behind at home. 
With the new little one on the way, I felt a little pressure to make this day at home with just me and him super special. After all, he hasn't gotten nearly the same amount of one-on-one time as his older brother. I started brainstorming activities we could do together! 
Nope, I forgot that our little library is closed on Fridays. 
Walk to our McDonald's in town? 
That might be fun, but we had just eaten out the day before and it didn't sound super appealing to my tired pregnancy feet to walk all the way there. 
Go shopping at a local thrift shop? That would be more fun for me than him! 

I couldn't think of anything super creative, so I suggested that after I was done with the dishes and vacuuming, we could play outside together. He was pretty excited about that idea! 
It was absolutely gorgeous outside. The incredibly long and hard winter was finally giving way to Spring. At first my little guy just wanted to run around looking at flowers, driving his Fisher-Price car, and pretending that he was making runs to Dunkin Donuts and the puppy store. 

Then he asked to swing on his little playset. As I started pushing him, he settled into his seat and relaxed, enjoying the ride. He keep swinging for over 30 minutes and we barely talked (except for when he accidentally let go and fell out into the dirt!). We just enjoyed the creaking of the chains and the warm, sunny breeze. 
When it was lunchtime, I suggested we take our PB&J's out on the front porch to watch the cars go by. We spent a long time spotting motorcycles and cool trucks while we ate. 

Somewhere in the middle of the simple, non-pinnable fun we were having together, it hit me. Sometimes, simpler is better. What mattered during our day together wasn't the incredible activities I had planned. It wasn't the amazing places we went together. It wasn't even the thought-provoking conversation we shared. 

We had a special day because we simply enjoyed each other. 

That same principle applies to my relationship with Christ. Our relationship doesn't grow by more activity, more perfection, or more effort. 
He wants me to savor the grace He pours out on everyday failures and frustrating situations. 
He wants to hear my worship from the kitchen as I'm overwhelmed by His sacrifice for me. 
He wants to hear the silent cries of my heart when I can't quite put my prayers into words. 

I don't want to get so caught up in doing more for Him that I lose the wonder of what He's already done for me!