Diapers and a Divine Calling

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but this repost from an old blog of mine is an reminder for myself that I decided to share here at A Steady Rain that I thought would be perfect for Mother's Day.  If you can identify, I hope you'll be encouraged! Happy Mother's Day to all my sweet mommy readers! 

It's Sunday evening. We had a busy (and early) day at church, afternoon naps, and a family walk to enjoy this AMAZING November weather. As I sit in the recliner watching one child fight imaginary bad guys and the other play with his new Fisher Price ball machine (a super fun birthday gift), I meditate on a thought that struck me this morning.

This is my calling.

If I'm honest with myself, I'd have to admit that I don't often take it seriously enough. I'm not just a babysitter or caretaker to a couple of boys. Making sure my children are bathed and fed is definitely important, but there is SO much more to being a mom. 

Being a mommy is a precious privilege that I don't want to take for granted. I find mind wandering often to questions like: 
"I wonder who God wants me to impact with my life and ministry?" or "Who did God REALLY create me to be?" 

The answer is crawling across the living room floor...........

I want my boys to remember the proud look in my eyes when they take their first steps or sing out in the Christmas program. 

I want my boys to think of me when they scramble eggs in their first apartment. 

I want to be the hand my boys reach for when they need that extra reassurance. 

I want to be a picture of the grace we so so desperately need not only for salvation but every day life. 

It may not always be a glamorous job and it definitely doesn't have a high salary, BUT it's a privilege and my calling. In 15 years, it won't matter if I have thousands of blog subscribers, hundreds of customers, dozens of speaking engagements, or a house completely decorated with Pinterest inspired crafts. 

I am the only woman in the world called to be my boys mom. That's a good enough ministry and calling for me!