He delights in us!

**Last week was a looooooooooong week. My husband was away at a conference in Chicago for 5 days, and, boy, was I glad when Friday evening finally came!!
Thursday evening, after a dinner of my son's choice - Spaghettio's, carrots, and pudding, I started cleaning up the kitchen. My little pirate decided that it would be a perfect time to grab his sword and map and start searching for treasure. According to his plan, I would make a perfect Captain Mommy!!
I half-heartedly played along while I scrubbed plates and forks. "Arg, Matey," I said. "Mommy Pirate is washing the dishes on our ship!"
It didn't take long for him to realize that I wasn't really "into" his game, and he soon headed off to play by himself.
After straightening the house, I plopped on the couch and breathed a sigh of relief. I just needed some, "Rachel" time. Right then the pirate ran through the room and called to his "pirate friends".
"The map says to go this way!! Come on!!"
Then he stopped and pleadingly looked at me. "Mommy Pirate, will you come wif me too?"
That did it! I couldn't pass up this sweet moment make memories!! He wasn't demanding my time. He really didn't even "need" me in order to keep pretending, but he wanted me to be involved in his pirate fun!!

I couldn't help but think that evening was a small picture of my relationship with my heavenly Father.
He doesn't need my affection, time, or attention. His plans will continue without me.
He won't beg me to read His Word or spend time in prayer.
He sure does desire a sweet walk with me, though. He delights in His children!

"The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy."Psalm 147:11

How are you developing a relationship with your Heavenly Father today?