Surviving your spiritual winters....

Well, summer is definitely done here in northern PA! The leaves are almost completely gone, and we have had frost on the ground for the last several mornings.
As I have mentioned before, both my husband and I grew up in the beautifully warm state of Florida, so these Pennsylvania winters have definitely been something to get used to!
When we first moved to the area, one of our friends gave us some good advice: "Find something that you can enjoy throughout the winter months (ie.sledding, skiing, snowboarding). Otherwise, you will find yourself sitting inside dreading every day!"

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I can't help but compare the season of winter to spiritual winter in our life. We all have "cold" times in our walk with the Lord. Those times that we struggle with our faith, can't see His hand working, and feel like we just want to hibernate to escape trials.
While I realize that there are very few fun things involved in the valleys of our life, there are good things that come from these barren times.
James 1:3 says, "Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience". While the "spiritual winter" you are walking through may not be enjoyable, take time to see the blessings the Lord is producing in your life.
You may see an increase of dependence on Him, a shift of your perspective of the priorities of life, or even a story to share with others in that same "winter-time".

Don't dread your trials, instead pray for growth and maturity through them!!

*Note: I'm praying for you, my friends. I know that many of you are going through deep trials and struggles...May the Lord bless you for your trust in Him, and may you see change in your life because of these difficult times!