God is good....All the time???

My husband recently preached on the topic of God's goodness. I was struck by so many of the points that he preached, so I asked him to share some of his thoughts from God's word with you.....

"Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His lovingkindness is everlasting."

I have recently done a 2-part series on the goodness of God, and Rachel wanted me to share a few of the thoughts that came from these messages with you. I think a common, troublesome element within all of us is to have misconceptions of our God.

Some think He is a dictator who governs every move we make.

Others feel He is a genie in a lamp just waiting to give us our every need.

Still others feel He is a very distant Being who doesn't really take interest or notice as one's so insignificant as ourselves.

All of these views bring confusion, misunderstanding, and discouragement in our spiritual lives.
Furthermore, I have found that most of these views are enhanced by emotional baggage that has come into our lives through difficult circumstances in our past which keeps us from laying hold of the God as presented in the Bible (i.e. dysfunctional or disinterested parents, heartache in circumstances, failed expectations, etc.). Whatever your present view of God, realize that the Bible says our God is good. He is inherently and completely good and does not withhold what is truly good from His children (Ro. 8:28). Let me offer you a few helps in thinking through your view of God:

1. Analyze Scripture as to what is says not how you feel--emotions are never a gauge to truth. God's Word is our standard to truth

2. Don't view your opinion of God through your circumstances but view your circumstances through who You know God to be from the Bible.

3. Lose the "it's to good to be true" mentality when it comes to God--remember "child-like faith" is what God expects of us. As long as its Biblical, its not "to good to be true!"

4. Develop your relationship with God--you can't expect to know who God is if you don't develop that relationship! What are you really doing to cultivate that relationship?

I pray that this would be of help to you today. Remember, you are constantly on God's mind. No detail of your life, no matter how small, is insignificant to God! Why else would the Bible refer to us as the "apple of Your (God's) eye?" You are precious in His sight!!