Lessons from the garden: Part 1...

Last week, our MOPS group was able to learn some tips from an experienced gardener. She gave information about locations, timing, fertilizers, and techniques for a successful garden. I have to admit that I know very little about gardening. In fact, I find it a little intimidating. We were encouraged by our speaker to start small to prevent getting overwhelmed! We did get the opportunity to each start a little herb garden during our creative activities time. That's probably as far as I will get this season!!
The rest of the week, however, I kept thinking about gardening in a different sense. I was struck with some of the similarities between growing plants and our spiritual lives. The first thought that came to my heart was the fact that it takes a while for plants to grow. Once a seed is planted in the ground, there is an excitement for the unknown, and an expectation for the fruits of our labor! We wait and stare at the dirt, knowing that something MUST be happening under the ground. We just can't see it yet! We have to give the plant a little time to germinate and grow before seeing any little sprouts above the ground!
This can be paralleled so clearly in our spiritual lives. When we plant something in our lives (perhaps the seeds of trust, love, faith, or forgiveness) we often expect sudden results. We imagine that we will turn into "super-Christians" overnight. Instead, these processes take some time. The seeds have to take root in the soil of our hearts before growing into a major part of our lives. Growing in Christ requires patience!! If we can rest in His daily grace, we can expect to see amazing things bloom in our lives!

2 Peter 3:18a, "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..."

Come back tomorrow to read Lessons from the garden: Part 2.