Friday Feedback.....

I am very excited for two reasons:
First, today is my 100th post!! It's actually hard for me to believe!! My first temptation is to be proud of myself for keeping up the habit of writing daily and somehow finding things to say in each post. But then I stop to think of my original purpose for starting this blog. The answer is in the title: A Steady Rain ~ developing an awareness of God's daily blessings. I have to give my heavenly Father the glory for each one of the thoughts He's given me in the last 100 posts. Each one of them is a blessing, joy, or encouragement that God has brought into my life. It's amazing to me that I was able to document His working in my life for 100 post and still not run out of things to say. I am encouraged that He desires to still pour out those mercies to me in the future!

Secondly, I am excited to start a new weekly feature on my blog. Last week, I started Sunday's Song, and this week I will be adding Friday Feedback. In these posts, I plan on asking a question that you, my readers, can answer. I've been excited to meet many new friends in the last few months and I look forward to getting your opinions and advice on a variety of topics. Since the main purpose of my blog is to acknowledge God's working in every area of our lives every day, here is my first Friday Feedback:

In what way(s) have you seen God's blessing in your life in the last week?

Your answer could be super simple or a huge answer to prayer. The point is to share and acknowledge how an Almighty God cares about every aspect of our lives! I'm excited to hear your answers!