Back in the day, blogging was a fairly personal medium. Regular posts were filled with favorite recipes, embarrassing stories, and family pictures. I eagerly clicked on my favorites each day, excited to read about their recent homeschooling adventures or craft fails. 

Over the years, many blogs developed a more curated feel. Often it was because writers were hoping to publish their work in book form, sell a product, or fill a niche topic.  But in doing so, the stream of consciousness form of writing mostly disappeared from blogs and headed over to social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. 

It wasn't until a few months ago, that I began to realize that this shift in writing style affected my little corner of the internet too. Feeling the pressure to have a unified, thought out main point for each blog article, paralyzed me. Instead of writing daily or even weekly, my blog sat silent until I had a lightning bolt idea to share. Unfortunately, this did nothing to exercise my writing muscles and undermines any reason to have a personal blog at all! 

I'm hoping to change my approach in the coming months. While, I still hope to formulate organized posts and podcast episodes when I have the brain space to do so, I also desire to post some of the small things of life more consistently posts called, Lately. This will serve as an update to anyone who is interested, allow me to put "pen to page" in writing practice, and document the blessings from God that I so easily overlook. Without further ado.....

The Charles Simeon Trust 

Last fall, I had my first opportunity to attend a workshop in biblical exposition from this amazing organization. It focused on valuable tools for interpretation of the epistles, mainly Philippians. I had hoped to attend a similar workshop in person, but it never worked out. Because of Covid-19, they have been offering the workshops in an online (and very affordable) format. I can barely put into words, how incredibly encouraging it was to study God's Word deeply with other women from around the world, and walk away with tools to share the beauty of Philippians with others. I have my eye already on a few of their upcoming workshops this spring



We've had our share of snow so far this winter. After a rather warm beginning to the season, the totals have added up. Of course, the 30+ inches we received right before Christmas gave us a head start. When we moved into our new house a little over a year ago, my husband insisted we needed a snow blower (or is it thrower?). I was convinced we could save money by just using our muscles to clear the driveway. I will now publicly admit - he was right. 


God continues to teach me dependence on Him and the strength He offers each day. Far too often, I place burdens on my own shoulders that I was never meant to carry. This is never more evident than in the daily tasks of our homeschool family. My days are filled with mundane things like chasing after a newly walking toddler, driving my JV basketball player to and from practices, preparing meals in the crockpot, and breaking up arguments over Lego sets. I have been praying that the neediness of my family will remind my of my neediness for a Savior. I want to take joy in serving them as Jesus took joy in enduring the cross for my rescue. I've been told these days are fleeting. 


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Until next time, be reminded that He will hold you fast!